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Quality Control

Quality Control

PPE Universe prides itself in only promoting high-quality reputable products. This is why we have a number of quality control procedures in place to protect the consumer. We ensure that every new supplier goes through a due diligence process before we allow them to upload their products onto our site. This process involves collecting documentation to confirm that the product conforms to the appropriate regulatory rules within the European Union along with the correct quality certification. This is why we currently only allow manufacturers and distributors who are headquartered in the EU to promote products on this site.

We also hold all client's funds in a segregated client account and only release funds to the supplier on confirmation of delivery. Holding a segregated account is important as it safeguards your funds from any third party creditor, resulting in a lower level of risk for the purchaser.

As an institution, PPE Universe welcomes customer feedback. If a purchaser is unsatisfied with the quality of their purchase we want to know about it. This gives us the opportunity to liaise with the supplier to see if we can arrange a suitable outcome. Furthermore, if a supplier has a number of complaints then we are then able to remove that company from our list of trusted suppliers. Should you wish to know more about our supplier verting process, please go to the appropriate section on our site, titled “how to become a supplier”.

In our brochures section, there is a pdf available for buyers. This document outlines some of the keys things to look out for when buying PPE Equipment.



Disclaimer: The parties (companies) that list their products on this site are wholly responsible for the content of their listing. This includes all transactions that result from these listings, including the quality of the product and its suitable delivery within the agreed timescales. All buyers should understand that we do not have physical possession of anything listed or sold as a result of a listing on this site. Consequently, our role is limited in the transaction process. Bedford Capital Ltd will safeguard the buyer´s funds in a third party account until delivery of the product has been completed. All buyers are strongly advised to only make payment to Bedford Capital Ltd to prevent any fraudulent transactions. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions for further details on our processes.