PPE Explained

What is PPE?

Personal Protection Equipment or PPE for short, is used to help keep your body and person from being affected or infected by an outside source such as a virus, bacterial, or other forms of contaminants. PPE may also be used to help prevent already infected people (who are often unaware they are infected) from spreading the virus to others.

PPE may include face masks, face shields, latex or non-latex protective gloves, surgical gowns, hand sanitiser, or a myriad of coverings used for protection. At PPE Universe we are committed to reducing the spread and impact of the Covid 19 virus or any other viruses.

Face Masks as PPE

Face masks come in a range of styles and forms. Understanding what you need should be based on two key facts about faces masks and their uses:

  1. The purpose of the face mask.
  2. The benefits of the face mask.

The Purpose and Benefits of the Face Mask

The purpose of a face mask is to reduce the spread of corona by an infected person and to reduce the probability of an uncontaminated person becoming contaminated.

Face masks have a multitude of benefits. Firstly, they keep contaminants away from your nose and mouth. Since viruses are airborne they can be contracted through the nose or mouth. If someone coughs or sneezes, these pollutants can stay airborne for up to fifteen minutes. If you are not present at the moment it happens, you still have a high chance of contracting whatever has been released into the air as you walk through. Secondly, a mask can keep you from spreading viruses and other forms of microorganisms. If you have a mask on when you sneeze or cough, there is less of a possibility of spreading anything you may have. However, it should be noted that having a mask is not a reason for going into public when you are not feeling well. PPE Universe discourages our employees, and others, to mix in public if you have the symptoms or some other form of infection.

KN95 Masks

KN95 masks are made of several layers of fiber cloth that filter at least 95% of airborne particles, providing protection against pathogens, droplets, dust, and pollution. These disposable masks are manufactured with the same standards as N95 masks. Featuring a contoured design, KN95 masks fit snugly over the nose and mouth. A metal piece over the nose can be adjusted to ensure a proper fit.

3-Ply Face Masks

The 3-ply mask is a simpler mask created out of cotton fiber cloth, with the ability to filter air molecules. These masks are designed to be disposable. They are looser fitting and do not seal as tightly around the face and mouth. Normally the mouth, the lower part of the nose, and a large portion of the cheeks and chin are covered. A 3-ply face mask can be secured around the ears or fit around the full head depending on which version is purchased. One is as effective as the other. These masks are good for public use in attempting to keep normal pollutants and allergens out. Using them has shown some effectiveness during high viral and flu seasons. They are used by the public and are effective in keeping others from spreading infections as well as keeping infections at bay. Usage can range from mowing lawns to going to public settings. The 3-ply face masks can be purchased by anyone online at PPE Universe.

Other Protection Products

Protection Gowns are designed to stop the spread of viruses that might already be on a person, They also work by stopping an unaffected person from coming into contact with the virus via their clothes. Likewise shoe covers work in exactly the same way. Most PPE for this type of product is disposable by nature.


Sanitisers work in a simple way of killing the virus when someone applies sanitiser. There are a lot of sanitisers available for your hand. These sanitisers are most often applied in a gel form. Hand sanitiser is essential because most germs are spread through people's hands. By frequently applying sanitiser you are dramatically reducing your chance of either contracting or spreading the virus. It is important to point out that for hand sanitisers to be highly effective they should have a 70% alcohol concentration.

Sanitiser can also be used to clean down surfaces after a person has come into contact with it. Many environments require continuous use of sanitisers. A typical environment where this is essential is in hospitals and gyms. Many diligent companies are also choosing to make sanitisers available for staff and customer to apply at all times. More often it is preferable to use a liquid version when applying sanitiser to a surface. Again, a concentration of 70% alcohol is ideal.

There are also a number of non-alcohol based sanitisers available for people to use where it is not feasible to use an alcohol-based product. This could due to religious beliefs or due to working in a flammable environment. Many non-alcohol products are highly effective at killing viruses and germs, although it should be stated that the contact time is considerably longer. The contact time is a measurement of how long a product must remain wet on a person or surface before it kills 99.99% of germs.




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