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PPE Universe Investment Bond


  6-10% Fixed Returns

   3-5 Year Terms

   No Fees and No Hidden Fees

   Invest From £10,000


PPE Universe 12 Month Bond


Key Features:

  £500 - £5,000 5% Compound 5.09% (choice of Sterling or Euro denomination)

  £5,000 + 6% Compound 6.14% (choice of Sterling or Euro)


Enterprise Investment Scheme


Key Features:

  This is an equity investment for UK investors with substantial tax benefits.

  Entry level £5,000, maximum investment £1 million.

  The equity investment is a higher risk investment with potentially very high level of investment return.




The company does well and doubles its value and you hold the shares for three years


  • Investment = £10,000

  • Income Tax relief = £3,000 (as a reduction in your income tax bill)

  • Capital Gains Tax = £Zero

  • Your gain = £13,000 (£10,000 profit from the sale plus £3,000 income tax relief)



The company value stays the same


  • Investment = £10,000

  • Income Tax relief = £3,000 (as a reduction in your income tax bill)

  • Share sales = £10,000

  • Your gain = £3,000 (from the income tax relief)



The company closes and your shares are worth nothing


  • Investment = £10,000

  • Income Tax relief = £3,000 (as a reduction in your income tax bill)

  • At risk capital = £7,000

  • Loss relief on at risk capital @ 45% = £3,150

  • Your actual loss = £3,850 (£10,000 – [£3,000 + £3,150])


If you are an existing bond or shareholder you can login to access an overview of your financial positions held with us. Alternatively should you be interested in finding out more about our investment opportunity then can register an interest and receive more detailed information.

PPE Universe is a unique platform which links buyers with suppliers to help them attain all their PPE needs in a simple and cost effective way. We are an early stage growth company which is seeking inward investment to expand our platform to meet the demands of the global pandemic.

The technology gives approved suppliers the ability to manage their own listings for all of their products pertaining to PPE. They can upload images and files as well as giving brief and detailed descriptions of their products.

For buyers, our software allows them to easily search and compare various forms of PPE from a range of suppliers to identify which supplier offers them the best deal in terms of their specific PPE requirements.

This platform is designed predominantly for businesses who wish to obtain PPE products at a discount to the high street. These businesses can range from micro business such as hair salons through to large multinational corporations.

This platform offers a number of functions, allowing the buyer to find direct comparisons for their specific needs. The buyer can then make a purchase via the online shop, and we will release funds to the supplier once product delivery has been completed.

PPE Universe makes money from all transactions completed via the online platform. Our commission structure is 15% for smaller purchases and this fee is progressively reduced for larger purchases online.

We have already established a number of relationships with larger suppliers who are happy to offer credit facilities to buyers for larger online purchases. This is in line with current business practices. All new suppliers to our platform have the option of offering credit facilities when competing for larger orders. Our competitive advantage lies in the lack of suitable platforms which are available to compare and contrast PPE.

There is an opportunity for investors to take an equity position within the company. We are currently in the process of acquiring an approved status with HMRC under the Enterprise Investment Scheme. This gives approved sophisticated and high net worth investors significant tax breaks.


Complete the form and provide your contact data. We will contact you as soon as possible!

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